Planning for Life's Journey
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Mary Carlson and her daughter Jeanne Carlson Smith
As the Marca® Life Planning story evolves, we strive to educate our clients and the community about the benefits of life planning. By using your money as a tool and our professionals as guides, you can achieve the goals and dreams that are important to you.

We build relationships with clients and professionals of similar values, who can inspire others to live their best life. Our deepest aspiration remains in expanding your conversation beyond money to Life Planning, no matter where we meet on life’s journey.
Our Values
 Marca Life Planning in Birmingham, Alabama  Establish a foundation of knowledge through education
 Marca Life Planning in Birmingham, Alabama  Encourage curiosity and the courage to explore new ideas
 Marca Life Planning in Birmingham, Alabama  Honor loyalty and integrity
 Marca Life Planning in Birmingham, Alabama  Possess a constant resolve to succeed
 Marca Life Planning in Birmingham, Alabama  Show empathy and respect for others
Mary Carlson, a mother and lifelong teacher, empowered her students to excel in any environment. She rewarded responsibility and encouraged critical thinking with respectful discussion.

These values were instilled in her daughter, Jeanne Smith, whose passion was nursing. As a registered nurse in intensive care, Jeanne learned the art and science of nursing. She dedicated herself to teaching others how to manage their health condition. To further this mission, Jeanne used her entrepreneurial spirit to create Holistic Healthcare, a home health company with over 100 professionals who touched countless lives in Michigan.
Mary began Marca in 1992 as a solo practice. By teaching the “everyman” about investing basics and retirement planning, she fueled her desire to empower individuals and families to be in control of their money. Mary would often spend two to three hours with her clients – anything to help them understand the financial impact of their choices and guide them to a secure financial future.

While Mary educated the “everyman,” Jeanne sold her business, received her master’s degree in nursing, and became a geriatric nurse practitioner. A short four years later, Mary was diagnosed with cancer and Jeanne came back to Birmingham to care for her mother. She began working in her mother’s office with a goal of serving her in whatever capacity she could.

As Jeanne saw fear replaced with peace in the faces of Mary’s clients, she realized financial planning and nursing had a common goal of service. Sadly, Mary lost her battle with cancer in 1997. Jeanne decided to honor Mary’s vision and became responsible for her many clients. By merging her previous business experience in healthcare with her new passion of financial planning, Jeanne expanded Mary’s vision into an innovative business model that delivers a holistic approach to managing her clients’ assets.