The Proof

Bill & Kathe

Strategic Life Planning

We want to thank the group at Marca Life Planning for assistance with planning and implementation of our retirement/life plan. We approached them with what we needed to address in order to make a transition into our retirement years.

Within the first part of the initial meeting, it was very clear that this was a different type of financial planning company. From the first “get to know you” session to the final phases of implementation, it was very clear that quality of life, standard of living and realizing our purpose was at the forefront of every decision made throughout the process. The depth and breadth of discovery was more than we could have ever anticipated and really challenged us individually and collectively to search for some answers and to bring others out of us that had been within us for many years (and possibly forever).

Jeanne and her staff went above and beyond by analyzing health history and medications to help us decide on which Medicare supplement would benefit me the most, establishing a tax-efficient vehicle to save and cover health care costs in retirement, optimizing our social security benefit over our lifetime, and showing us the “non-financial” pieces that ultimately became the core of our financial plan.

Marca Life Planning is a true team in every sense of the word. Each person brings a unique skill, experience and ability to communicate that allowed a very complex process become much easier than anticipated. We found the right place with the right people at the right time to begin the next stage of our lives together.


Prosperity Management

Over the course of a lifetime, the definition of “family” undergoes many revisions. There is the family we are born into, the family we marry into, and the “external family” relationships we develop over the course of our lives. My relationship with Jeanne and Marca Life Planning started many years ago when she became my financial advisor. Just like sisters, we argued about purchasing long-term health insurance, when to pay off the mortgage and numerous other life- effecting decisions. However, in each case, because I wisely listened to her advice, my life improved.

When I decided to retire, she helped me with the transition both financially and emotionally. When my husband was diagnosed with an ultimately life-ending illness, she used her own geriatric nursing experience to help me make decisions about home care. She was even with me at his memorial service when he ultimately passed away. Through it all, Marca has provided me with a mentor, a guiding hand and most of all, a friend. I consider Jeanne and the staff at Marca as my “family,” because they always have my best interest at heart. They truly care!


Prosperity Management

“Conservative investor” is an understatement for my investment personality! This makes me very cautious about who I entrust to manage my money. My first experience with working with a financial planner started 20 years ago with Marca Life Planning’s founder, Mary Carlson. I was fortunate to have worked for a company that had a good 401(k) plan and was lucky enough to understand its importance. I began my journey with Marca to find how best to invest my 401(k). Now, Jeanne and the member of Marca are directing me on investment strategies and my imminent retirement.

I am thankful to have the support of a team that gives me more than someone who only looks at numbers. They provide an understanding of my conservatism, explain issues clearly, give me a gentle push when I need it, and act as a sounding board for my stages of life planning. Because of our long relationship, I not only know Jeanne’s dedication, knowledge, and concern for her clients, but I also know that she seeks staff who will emulate and perform to her high standards.

Tom & Lori

Prosperity Management

Marca is true life planning! They really go out of their way to see to it that you plan ahead for your future and the future of your family. Anytime we have a question, they are always helpful in making sure you understand all of your options. They encourage you to be aware of how your options effect your future planning strategies.

They were very instrumental in helping us make plans for when we retire and were also there to help us with our mother’s estate after she had passed away. We especially are grateful for Jean Smith. She has developed a family like rapport with us and we trust her suggestions and judgement. We have also worked with Tyler and find him to be very helpful as well.

Overall, we are very pleased with MARCA and what they have done for us and for what they continue to do, in helping us prepare for our future.

Travis & Pat

Prosperity Management

We have been clients of Marca since 1991 when it was a single advisor practice. Since Jeanne Smith took over in 1996, the firm has continued to advise and guide us on our financial journey. Not only have they been our trusted financial advisors, they are also our friends.

During the crisis of 2008 when many investors lost half of their portfolio, we only lost 20% due to Marca’s knowledge and expertise. What a blessing for us!

Jeanne has been with us through many life events such as planning for our daughter’s education, Travis’ early retirement, and getting us ready to face the future being financially secure. We highly recommend Jeanne and the entire Marca Life Planning team.

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