The value of an advisor is to understand your wants,
develop strategies to reach your goals, and guide your decisions wisely.

Marca began as a solo practice led by the vision of a lifelong teacher to educate people about their finances. In 1992, Mary Carlson began to empower the “everyman” to learn investing basics and prepare for retirement. After Mary received a diagnosis of cancer, her daughter, Jeanne Smith, came home to Birmingham to care for her. Sadly, Mary lost her battle with cancer in 1997. Jeanne decided to continue Mary’s vision & became responsible for her many clients. By merging her previous business experience with her new passion of financial life planning, Jeanne expanded Mary’s vision to a holistic approach.


Jeanne C. Smith is the owner of Marca Life Planning with 18 years of financial and investment experience. She is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Registered Life Planner®, and Registered Nurse in Alabama with 40 years of experience in healthcare. Her broad scope of experience in healthcare and financial matters enable her clients to achieve a measure of success far greater than simply having money available for life events.

The dedicated staff of Marca Life Planning is committed to planning for your best life. We offer a guided experience and the tools to master all aspects of well-being at any life stage.

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