The Marca Life Planning Story

Mary Carlson and Jeanne Carlson Smith

Founded by Mary Carlson in 1992, Marca Life Planning has been providing clients with retirement planning and education around financial well-being for almost thirty years.

Under Mary’s direction, the company became a trusted advisor for the everyday person, providing a level of retirement planning and education traditionally reserved only for high-powered executives. Her caring, personalized approach created exponential growth for the company and earned a waiting list of eager clients ready to share their stories and receive the best financial advice for their unique situations.

After three years, Mary received a cancer diagnosis, but she didn’t let that stop her. She simply made plans for treatment and continued her quest to educate regular people about financial planning and retirement planning. In year five, Mary recognized the finality of her diagnosis and reached out to her daughter Jeanne Smith, a registered nurse and successful entrepreneur, to join the company and help educate and coach clients through retirement.

With her background, Jeanne realized that she was uniquely qualified to manage many aspects of the business and help others navigate the healthcare system. She soon fell in love with the business and the clients and began learning everything she could about investment management, financial planning, income security, and providing clients peace of mind. In 1997, Jeanne said goodbye to her mother and honored her legacy and vision through the continued personalized service of the clients, expansion of the team, and growth of Marca Life Planning.

Today Jeanne C. Smith is the owner of Marca Life Planning. She has 18 years of financial and investment experience, and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Registered Life Planner®, and Registered Nurse in Alabama. Her broad scope of experience in financial matters and 40 years of experience in healthcare enable clients to achieve a measure of success far greater than simply having money available for life events.

Over the years the Marca Life Planning commitment to serving and educating regular, everyday people remains unchanged, but our focus has broadened and evolved from retirement planning to holistic life planning:

While most other financial planning firms map out a plan and leave you on your own to figure out what to do next, we take the complete opposite approach. We not only work closely with you to create a personalized plan that fits your unique needs but provide ongoing financial coaching and accountability to help you stay on track and achieve your desired future. This level of support makes Marca Life Planning a natural fit for those facing life without a partner or moving into retirement without a partner—where health, happiness, and security play a critical role in quality of life.

We love empowering our clients with a guided experience and the tools to master financial well-being so they can live their best life while responsibly planning and saving for the future—because the joy of life is the trip.

Do you have a plan to create and grow wealth? Are you confident in your investment strategy and comfortable with your level of risk? Does your retirement plan account for all of the challenges you may encounter? If your answer to these questions isn’t a powerful, confident yes, we should talk.

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