Ideal Aging Quiz

Welcome to the Ideal Aging Quiz.

I’m Jeanne Smith, CFP® RN, President and CEO of Marca Life Planning and champion of your financial well-being.

This short quiz introduces the exciting concept of Ideal Aging. We have found that learning about Ideal Aging and knowing that it is achievable has inspired many people just like you to improve their current retirement trajectory.

The Ideal Aging Quiz is organized in five areas:

  1. Flourishing:
    A measure of your well-being determined by self-report in 5 areas: positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment.
  2. Functioning:
    A measure of your physical functioning determined by self-report in 7 areas: sleep and rest, thinking and memory, vision and hearing, gait and balance, touch and sensation, strength and endurance, and nutrition and elimination.
  3. Preparing, Protecting, And Preventing:
    A measure of readiness for unexpected events determined by self-report in 3 areas: medical emergency, identity theft and fraud, health and safety.
  4. Designing Your Lifestyle:
    A measure of aging well determined by self-report in 3 areas: home, community, and housing in later life.
  5. Living To 100+:
    A measure of advanced planning determined by self-report in 2 areas: social support and advanced care planning.

We at Marca Life Planning are passionate about helping our clients live their best lives for as long as possible, no matter their age and financial resources. We want YOU to go for Ideal Aging! It requires that we accept that we’re getting older, taking a planful approach to our own aging, and committing to doing some things differently.

So, without further ado, let’s start your quiz…

Ideal Aging Quiz

Select the response that best fits how you live your life today.

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  • Section 1: Flourishing

    Have I prepared for the psychological changes that come with getting older?
  • Section 2: Functioning

    Have I prepared for the physical changes that come with getting older?
  • Section 3: Preparing, Protecting, & Preventing

    Have I prepared, protected, and prevented events that could result in declines in my health or my finances?
  • Section 4: Designing Your Lifestyle

    Have I prepared to age in my own home successfully?
  • Section 5: Living to 100+

    Have I prepared for a good end of life with the social support I need?
  • Ideal Aging Quiz Total Score

  • 21-25: Impressive! You are fully aware of what is needed and have made the necessary changes to optimize your Retirement Success.

    16-20: Keep up the good work! You are doing much better than the average person. Doing what you can to adjust your lifestyle for aging will positively impact your Retirement Success.

    11-15: Good job! The more you can set healthy goals and control bad habits, the quicker you’ll reach Retirement Success.

    6-10: Good habits start with small changes! People who are optimistic about their aging fare much better. Begin taking real steps to reach Retirement Success.

    1-5: There is room for growth! Decide today to live your best life for as long as possible. To reach Retirement Success, work with likeminded people to set goals and be willing to change.
  • Next Steps

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