Resources For Life’s Journey

Links, tools, and information to help navigate your financial journey.

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You have enough to worry about. Let us help make life a little easier with these free resources.

Investing Resources

  • Climbing Out Of A Hole: Learn how much you will have to regain to recover investment losses and why diversification works to avoid big losses.
  • Road To Prosperity: Discover the role of a financial advisor, your role as a client, and what you are paying an advisor for.
  • Resist Thinking Errors And Make Commitments: Avoid investing errors and losing money on the fear/greed cycle by becoming aware of your behavioral biases and making commitments.

Aging And Health Resources

  • Ideal Life Quiz: At Marca Life Planning we are passionate about helping our clients live their best lives for as long as possible, no matter their age or financial resources. In less than five minutes, our Ideal Aging Quiz will help you understand where you are and what you might do to improve and enhance your aging process. We have found that learning about Ideal Aging and knowing that it is achievable has inspired many people just like you to improve their current retirement trajectory.
  • Creating Your Autobiography: For retirees interested in leaving your written story as a legacy, learn the steps to writing your story.

Identity Theft

  • Credit Freeze: Get instructions on how to execute a credit freeze and steps to protect your identity.

Home And Environment

  • Home Modifications Checklist: A checklist for home repairs and maintenance, as well as tips to manage personal safety, prevent accidents, and prepare for premature declines in retirement.
  • Elder Friendly House Audit: Is your home age friendly or full of potential booby traps? Find out in this home audit tool.

Medical Emergency Information

If you are caring for another person or you’re a retiree who wants to minimize the risk of medical mistakes, these resources are for you:

End Of Life

Personal Values

  • Core Values Assessment: A worksheet to score your highest values and align vision (where you are going) with your values.

Online Assessments

  • Sequence Risk Assessment: The sequence of returns may significantly impact the amount you want to accumulate before retirement or the amount of spending during retirement.
  • IRMAA Risk Assessment: Medicare, through its Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA), imposes surcharges on higher-income retirees for physician, outpatient services, & prescription drug coverage.