Thriving Later in Life Doesn’t Happen Automatically

We are all living longer. Shouldn’t you be ready? Prepare to get the most out of later life by building a clear and effective plan.

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Plan for Aging and Long Life

We all want to live life to the fullest, especially as we get older.

Yet far too often, many people take a passive or even uncoordinated approach to planning after they retire.

No one should be left wondering if they will have everything they need to thrive to the end of life.

You can plan ahead to manage normal aging changes and the burdens of chronic illnesses by taking steps to minimize declines and set up protections to ensure you enjoy this phase of your life.

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The number one fear of retirees is running out of money before running out of life.

Living longer means more money must be spent on health and long term care costs that continue to rise every day. As you age, you also must consider your housing, how you want to receive care, personal advocacy, your legacy, and more.

It’s a lot to prepare for, and too many people delay until they face a crisis. Want to avoid looking back with regret, fewer choices, and higher costs?

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Find the Support You Need to Age In Place

Our team of experts can help you establish financial and personal plans for a variety of scenarios.

  • Age in Place – Prepare yourself to navigate aging issues to support your safety and care. Determine the true cost of your vision for later life while taking the necessary steps with professionals.
  • Age in Place (Plus ++) – Whether you age in your home or in an institution may require coordination and advocacy. When this happens, you may upgrade to our Plus ++ program. Select from three levels — Basic, Intermediate, Complex.

Thrive to the end of your life by achieving your optimal retirement and aging outcome. Don’t leave your later years to chance.

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The key to financial preparation is looking holistically at how one wants to live in retirement, not just how much money may be needed.”

– Edward Jones, The Four Pillars of the New Retirement

Retirement Planning Services

The Marca Life Planning Difference

We know what it’s like to be overwhelmed and even at times confused by the prospect of completing your plan for your future. That’s why we’ve worked to assemble a team of experts who take on the hard issues for you and help guide you through the process, without the unnecessary complexity.

With more than 25 years of experience, the dedicated staff of Marca Life Planning understands how to help. In everything we do, we challenge status quo so you live the life you want in every life-stage.

We offer a guided experience and the tools to master all aspects of well-being at any life stage. Using the well-being framework to guide our process, we help you determine a clear direction and create customized plans focused on your area of concern while planning for challenges and opportunities.

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Great plans turn dreams into realities.

Here's how you can move towards a better life:

Complete Your Discovery Interview

1. Complete Your Discovery Interview

Our team will connect with you to listen to your needs and explore the passions that bring deep meaning to your life. Together, we will identify some of the most important values that should be included in your planning.

Evaluate Your Foundation

2. Evaluate Your Foundation

We will begin with an understanding of your vision of the future and assemble a comprehensive picture of your financial well-being. Uncover areas for improvement and opportunities for greater prosperity. Eliminate the guesswork and chart out a clear vision of your life.

Build Your Custom Plan

3. Build Your Custom Plan

We will craft a plan as unique as you are that leverages the right tools to help you focus on the future and make the most of your life. Together we will review clear objectives, and explore next steps to ensuring the future is solid.

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Retirement Planning For Later Life

In later life, you need:

  • Confidence that you have what you need to face your future and enjoy your life
  • Real opportunities to truly enjoy a longer life
  • Freedom from anxiety
  • Strategies to manage your finances and expenses
  • Assurance that you have a clear plan in place to help you navigate your care needs
  • Clear steps and a path toward well-being as you age

Start taking intentional steps today so you can make the most of tomorrow.

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Age In Place

Our team is ready to help clear the path ahead and guide you toward financial well-being so you can thrive now and in the future.

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