Retirement Well-Being

Your roadmap to retirement

If you want to live the life you want even at the end of life, the question is…

Are you proactive in your retirement planning, with plans in place to protect your money, manage your health, and avoid costly mistakes?

With humans living much longer lives, the number one fear of retirees is running out of money before running out of life. Living longer means more money must be spent on healthcare and costs only continue to rise every day. As you age, you also must consider your housing, how you want to receive care, personal advocacy, and your legacy.

While no one knows what’s going to happen in the future, we do know the common reasons many people fail at retirement and can help you begin taking simple steps right now that will make a big difference later on.

Wealth Transformed

Our Strategic Life Planning Program is focused on determining the best strategy to transform your wealth so you’ll have the cash to live your vision of retirement success. It’s designed to help you gain clarity on where you are now and what must happen to make your desired retirement a reality, to protect your money, and ensure you can live the life you want until the end of life.

We first understand your retirement vision and the elements you’ll need to achieve it with a comprehensive assessment of your current financial position. We’ll identify areas of improvement, potential course corrections, and opportunities to consider for the future. We then prepare you for the high cost of aging with strategies to avoid premature health declines and navigate the long-term care system. Finally, we help you manage life without a paycheck, looking at creative options to overcome retirement income challenges and extend your wealth as long as you need it so you can enjoy retirement without stress.

A Roadmap to Retirement

Geared for individuals who are 5 years or less from retirement with an initial cost of $3,000, your Strategic Life Plan is developed over 6 to 8 weeks and includes three in-person or remote meetings ending with a customized plan and step-by-step instructions to achieve your retirement plan goals.

Once the plan is finished, our team continues to support you for an on-going fee in executing your plan with financial coaching, accountability, advice, and resources to achieve the outcomes you desire.

Program Benefits

  • Easier retirement without fear of running out of money or having to downsize
  • Helpful investor education to avoid financial scams or exploitation
  • Specialized expertise to realize your best health
  • Meaningful connections with professionals to create your legacy and remain in control of your life and well-being

Add-On Concierge Service

As a special benefit to our Strategic Life Planning clients, we offer the following premiere add-on concierge services:

  • Protective Aging: Helps you identify and manage the risks in your home that commonly result in health declines.
  • Home Transitions: Helps you analyze the financial and emotional cost to age in place or move to elder housing, facility selection, estate disposition, and moving in.
  • Care Navigation: Helps you find local resources, analyze insurance benefits, and select in-home care providers using a professional care coordinator.
  • Personal Advocacy: Helps protect you from fraud, exploitation, and social isolation as you age alone, and ensures your desires, preferences, and choices are met at the end of life.

The cost is customized based on your desired level of service and bundled with the program as an on-going retainer.