Squaring The Curve: Don’t Let Aging Happen By Default

Dream Big. Set Goals. Take Action.

“Getting old is not for sissies.” — Bette Davis

No one wants to age any faster than is natural for them or have their freedom of choice taken away by an unexpected health event that could have been avoided. We all want to enjoy our retirement years and delay or avoid health declines that lower our quality of life and reduce our financial security and lifespan.

To be able to age on your terms and live your best life until the end of life, you need to accept and embrace the reality of aging. I know that it’s not an easy thing to do, but it is essential if you to enjoy retirement success.

The Four Possible Trajectories Of Retirement

Squaring The Curve

The chart above demonstrates Squaring The Curve — the act of making the necessary lifestyle adjustments to live a full, healthy, meaningful, enjoyable life throughout retirement.

  • Trajectory 1: Traditional
    The traditional trajectory illustrates the most common experience of retirees in the 20th century. It depicts a long, slow, health decline starting at age 50 and a shorter life expectancy.
  • Trajectory 2: With Modern Medicine
    This trajectory illustrates the advances in medical care where formerly fatal diseases become treatable, pushing health declines out and extending life expectancy. You might think of this scenario as Letting the Medicine Work Its Magic.
  • Trajectory 3: Doing Your Part
    In trajectory three, lifestyle adjustments are incorporated to further extend your aging and delay becoming frail, thus elevating the quality of your life and your life expectancy.
  • Trajectory 4: The Ideal Arc of Aging
    Trajectory four is what Gerontologists call Squaring the Curve. It’s where your lifestyle and environment are in perfect harmony, enabling you to live robustly for as long as your genetic time clock programs you to live until finally, a fatal illness takes you out quickly.

The good new is that The Ideal Arc, or a life close to it, is attainable if you manage the reality of you own aging to ensure future well-being and financial security.

Unfortunately, the sobering truth is that most people’s retirement experience sites further to the left of the chart because they haven’t made the lifestyle adjustments needed to age well. As a result, they wind up on the long, slow traditional trajectory, spending precious time and resources on healthcare that could have been avoided or at the very least delayed.

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